Installing custom fabricated steel bars to hang punching bags requires a precise and methodical approach. First measuring the space where the steel bars would be mounted, taking into account the aircon ducts and other fixtures in the ceiling.

Once the measurements have been taken, the steel bars are fabricated in the factory according to the specifications provided. This involves cutting and shaping the steel to the required dimensions.

Once the fabricated process is completed, we then installed the steel bars by mounting them into the ceiling and walls. As with everything else we do, this required precision and attention to detail to ensure that the steel bars are securely fastened and can support the weight of the punching bags.

Welding the various components together, was later done on site after installation – therein creating a strong and durable structure.

Installation works involving drilling and welding are typically noisy. In this case, because the gym is located within an office compound, we had to do these noisy works at night to avoid disrupting the offices during working hours.

Worthy to point out that the steel bars were installed a mere 25mm below the ducts, leaving the bags to hang at 300mm above the ground with ample height for a 200mm short sling as requested.

Every step required careful planning and coordination to ensure that the installation process was completed efficiently and effectively while minimising disruptions, ensuring that the final product turns out as expected!