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01.Facility Planning & Construction
GYM SPECIFIC CONSTRUCTION, SPATIAL PLANNING, SITE SUPERVISION & FACILITY CONSULTATION. We are here to lend our facility design expertise to you. Walking you through some of the most important considerations you must make when designing and building your martial arts training faculty.
02.Equipment Set-up & Installation
RINGS, CAGES, CAGE FENCES, BOXING BAGS, STEEL BAR TRACKS - FABRICATION, INSTALLATION, RE-FITTINGS, DISMANTLING & RELOCATION. We assist you every step of the way — including putting up fixtures, laying down mats, and assembling boxing rings and MMA cages — we support hands on.
03.Custom Manufacturing
CUSTOM MARTIAL ARTS EQUIPMENT, APPAREL & MERCHANDISE. Our manufacturing process is the practice of making things better by making better things. From custom specifications to anything commissioned for a particular purpose, we'll get it done. We oversee every aspect of manufacturing and cater to both big and small made-to-order requests.
04.Freight & Relocation
AIR & SEA FREIGHT, CUSTOM CLEARANCE, WAREHOUSING, PACKING, UNPACKING, MOVING & DOOR STEP DELIVERY. The speed of delivery does not equate to how fast products are made, but how effectively orders are managed. We are committed to delivering our products as efficiently as humanly possible; to serve you, our customer, and employees of our factories.
05.Design & Development
IDEATION, GRAPHIC DESIGN, ILLUSTRATION & LAYOUT. DIGITAL & PRINT. We walk you through design details to bring your vision to life. We provide free design mock-ups and help prepare design files so that they are ready for print. Consider us your very own creative agency who will help actualise your martial arts design needs.

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