Supply labour, tools & material to:

  • Hack toilet door opening.
  • Dismantle pre-existing partition walls.
  • Construct false ceiling & partition wall.
  • Plumbing works – laying new stainless steel water points + Installing WC, shower heads and all other appliances & fixtures.
  • Conduct masonry tiling works in shower, make good partial warped flooring and all hacked openings and kerbs.
  • Electrical works – Run new cables and wiring at 4m height for AC, lighting and electrical points.
  • Disposal of all renovation debris, chemical tiling wash and post renovation deep cleaning.

Supply labour, tools & material to install:

  • 3 Phase Distribution Board (DB) Box
  • Clear glass mirrors, toilet bi-fold doors, fixed + sliding panel entrance glass door.
  • Wall mounted steel brackets, fans and various weight bearing fixtures.
  • Various shelving fixtures and fittings across the site.
  • Lay mats and cut around edges & obstacles.

Supply transport & manpower to:

  • Relocate an estimate of over 1000KG of equipment down 5 floors.