#1 Traditional Heavy Bag

The tried-and-true bag for general training, the traditional heavy bag allows you to work on numerous aspects of your game, without needing a pad holder. Since the heavy bag can be worked on at your own pace, it is the ideal piece to own when you are training at home.

Usually suspended from the ceiling but sometimes free-standing, heavy bags are versatile, built for long-term use, and good for withstanding high impact. They are great for developing your power punches, hooks, kicks, and improving general techniques.

The weight, height, and diameter all vary quite a lot from one bag to the next. The material used in construction and how the bag is filled will determine its swing and how much resistance it provides. It’s crucial to get one that will be ideal for your specific circumstances and training purposes.

#2 Tear-drop Bag

Our second personal favourite—the Teardrop Bag. Despite a wide variation in widths, they are usually a few feet in height, in an egg or teardrop shape—hence the name. The wider the bag, the heavier it is, so a slimmer teardrop bag’s swing will function better for training head movement and defense, while a larger bag is preferred for the training of power.

Another reason to train on a teardrop bag is to quicken the speed and strength of your punches. The way a teardrop bag is hung facilitates a fast swing-and-recoil reaction, mimicking the speed of an opponent’s reflexes. This allows the user to train for quick footwork and response time.

#3 Speed Bag

Superb for reflex and hand-eye coordination training, speed bags are usually filled with compressed air and consist of a spring mechanism in its interior that creates a rebound when hit, simulating momentum feedback. They usually require a speed bag platform for mounting on a rack, low ceiling, or a sturdy sidewall.

To choose the right punching bag for your gym or personal use, you need to first define your training style and what you’re looking to do. Our ultimate guide to getting the best punching bag breaks down more details!

Be it looking for a different type of punching bag (e.g. Uppercut Bag, Double-ended Bag, etc) or questions on how you may best select a punching bag for yourself, we have a team of fight gear professionals who are always ready to advise and take you through the process! Drop us a WhatsApp text at your convenience for a quick chat with no obligations.