So you’ve decided to make boxing part of your fitness routine, and now it’s time to make sure that you have all the equipment you need to make that happen. Well, we’re here to help you keep this promise to your fighting spirit – read on!

Boxing Gloves
Simply put, gloves are generally either one of these types – bag gloves & sparring (competition) gloves. A decent pair of bag gloves is one of the most important things you’ll need for your training. Apart from providing adequate protection, a dependable pair of boxing gloves also ensures that your hands aren’t subjected to unnecessary trauma and don’t tire prematurely – hence getting the most out of every minute you’re putting in. Go for something with multi-layer padding, and a smooth inner-lining (because things get uncomfortable much faster than you can imagine when you’re training hard!). Genuine leather gloves will always be best for comfort, durability (and style!); like the pair featured in the photo above – Whiteknuckle 1.0 Boxing Gloves in Metallic Gold + Matte Black!

Hand Wraps + Gloves = Two Parts of an Essential System
Hand wraps and gloves each serve equally important purposes. Well-fitted handwraps reduce the chances of fractures and sprains by protecting the alignment of the delicate bones in your hands and wrist from shock with every hit you strike. You’ll want to get something that has the right amount of slight stretch, like one made of semi-elastic cotton and spandex. Additionally, pay attention to the length of the wraps prior to purchase. This is something that newbies often learn the hard way – 180-inches long ones are almost always preferred because the longer length will allow you to cover all fingers and your thumb to provide the protection and support you need: Classic White Mexican Hand Wraps

Boxing Bag
If you’ve not read our ultimate guide to getting a punching bag here then we’ll summarize it for you. It is highly important that you get a punching bag of a weight that is most suitable for your training needs. As for the material of the bag, even though genuine leather will almost always be preferred, one made of high-quality synthetic material may not be inferior in terms of form, functionality, and style. Unless you are very certain of the type/weight you need, it is always best to consult a professional before you finalize this decision, but of course nothing beats a punching bag that is made and filled just for you. For the highest quality bags that you can fully customize to reflect your own personality, you can check our service here: Custom Orders

Three things: Protection, weight, comfort (bonus: aesthetics- because who doesn’t want to look good if quality and comfort does not have to be sacrificed). A good leather one will feel and last longer than you can imagine. Look for something well-padded, yet does not restrict visibility and is lightweight. A headgear with a well-designed lace-closure system that holds up well yet easily-adjustable will allow the wearer a snug fit without unnecessary compression to the head: Whiteknuckle VIGOR Headgear Matte Black

Because broken teeth and head trauma (yes, if the impact is hard enough, it sends a shock wave straight from your jaw to your skull!) is not what you signed up for, a good quality combat mouthguard is definitely the essential piece of equipment you’ll need. A good mouthguard redistributes the impact of strikes on the jaw/mouth to the entire jaw area instead of one region. Here’s one we really like because of how protective it is: Shock Doctor Mouthguards

Boxing Groinguard
Even if the probability of a groin injury during recreational training is somewhat less common than other forms, I think we can all agree that groin injuries are pretty much the worst a boxer can suffer. No groin-guard can give you 100% protection in this region, but at least you know that you’re more protected from the possibility of nightmare injuries like testicular rupture and torsion (connective gets twisted and cuts off blood blood to testicles). What to look out for- a groin-guard constructed out of double-layered closed-cell foam will serve well when it comes to absorbing impact, and preferably with a lace-closure system will allow better fit-adjustment like: Whiteknuckle Shadow/Light Male Groin Guard

Boxing Shorts
What makes boxing and MMA shorts different and what purpose does it serve to buy specialized shorts? For one, well-designed MMA shorts are made to accommodate your movements during training, whether you are rolling or kicking. Look for shorts made with a breathable material and have stretch panels on the crotch/ inner thigh as well as side slits because the last thing you want to focus on during training is how uncomfortable your gear is, or having to keep adjusting them as they shift out of alignment due to your movements. We particularly like customizing them here (again, if they can look as cool yet perform great, why not): Single Custom Orders or these one off the shelves: Whiteknuckle Freedom MMA Shorts

Stepping up your game with the right shoes
Footwork matters- and that’s why you do not want to be careless with your boxing shoe choices. Not only will your training feel more incredible and be more effective, when it comes to a high impact sport like boxing, adequate support for your ankles and feet is everything. Of course, the only way to ensure that all aspects of the shoe can fit your needs down to a T is to have it customized. This lets you have full control over the shoe quality, amount of grip, weight, texture, width, comfort and more: Single Custom Orders. Alternatively, a good local retailer like Liang Seng with plenty of shoe choices is your next best bet!