The durability of your Boxing or Muay Thai gloves starts with the quality of foam used to form its shape and structure. It is an important element that provides protection for your hands to pack a punch.

There are two types of Boxing/Muay Thai glove moulds manufactured currently; Machine-made Injection Mould Foam and Handmade Layered Mould Foam.

Machine-made Injection Mould Foam

Machine-made Injection Mould Foam is made by injecting a specially formulated liquid into a ready-made mould which produces a single piece of protective foam that is of equal density throughout.

– Cheaper alternative
– No break-in period
– Good for light sparring or boxercise work especially for beginners with smaller budgets

– Less durable, foam prone to split prematurely
– Wears out easily if used for heavy bag work (good only for 6 months for heavy-hitting male fighters before knuckles start digging into foam)
– Foam is of equal density throughout and might not provide the right support and protection for different parts of the hand


Handmade Layered Mould Foam

Handmade Layered Mould Foam is made by hand by sticking different densities of foam together to create the build and weight of your preferred glove type. Typically, softer foams are used nearer the palm for wearing comfort, and higher density outer foams are used near the knuckles for protection and increased durability. A softer outer foam can also be selected for sparring only gloves to reduce the impact on sparring partners.

– More durable, last longer
– Great resilience for frequent heavy bag work and pad work
– Customisable foam density for different parts of the glove based on training style and individual preference
– Better protection and support

– More expensive

It is ideal to have separate gloves for sparring and bag/pad work to get the most out of your training whilst preventing injuries. But we generally recommend handmade mould for our custom gloves for its versatility and customizability to suit the unique needs of each customer.