Are you making the most out of your space?
In a modern world where every marketing and business decision tends to be decided based on exhaustive numbers, it is possible to overlook the immense ROI potential of using creativity to increase brand exposure starting from the space you have—your gym.

Being able to attract AND retain members is undoubtedly the key to a successful business, and it starts with getting the attention of those target audiences. If an unimpressionable experience is not what we wish for our brand to be, then the question is—how can you make your gym leave an impression? And how is it linked to brand exposure?

Simply put, brand exposure is your chance to be seen and remembered by your target audience. It is part of marketing and advertising. Creating brand exposures that “stick” is not only valuable but essential to a business (especially in the early stages) where it could have ‘ROI’ potential higher than advertising by itself.

On top of factors like colour choices (which will play a critical role in portraying your brand’s personality in the way you wish for it to be seen), having your logo strategically displayed is a necessary move if you wish for members to have maximized brand exposure.

One for the Digital Age
These days, it would be rare for gym members to not take a single photo for their socials at some point during their visit. Pre-workout selfies, post-workout wefies, random boomerang videos and reels… you name it. When members train at a place that looks aesthetically pleasing and feel good about, they tend to spontaneously share details of that activity or location online. Can you imagine the exposure if just 50% of your members share a photo taken while at your gym with either their friends or on social media?? If you want your brand to make an impression, don’t underestimate the power of subliminal (or subconscious) brand marketing. Instead, get creative and leverage customization to create an even more dynamic experience for your members.

The instance a member walks through your entrance during a visit, your logo should be visible right away at eye level. You can consider placing a 6’ x 6’ logo on a feature wall (padded or not) that’s most prominent such that anyone who takes a quick selfie in that area would have captured the logo too. When shared with friends or uploaded online later, these photos are one of the best ways to organically increase brand exposure!

Don’t forget the hidden marketing potential of logo-clad gear in promotional youtube videos, reels, demonstration clips etc. You want to ensure that your gym logo is clearly seen from all angles on heavy bags, walls, and especially mats. Other places you can consider having custom-made items to suit your brand can be your boxing ring, in-house gloves (rented or for sale), pads/mitts, shin guards for members to use, and even t-shirts for coaches.

A well-designed gym, apart from being highly functional, is a place that should feel welcoming, energetic, and motivating. When choosing your logo placements, always remember to integrate them to suit your overall brand identity and design concept. Logos and designs should add to the appeal and experience of your gym, not crowd it.