Why do colours matter so much?
It is an undeniable fact that colour choices have a significant impact on marketing, and the right colours have the ability to attract and drive sales. The colours you have chosen for your gym will also play a crucial part in creating the right personality, identity and vibes for your space and how your brand is perceived.

A well-designed and appealing gym interior matters almost as much as the equipment it houses because amongst the competition out there, you want to be able to attract new members as well as retain existing ones.

Statistics have proven that a brand’s memorability is improved by as much as 84%, with the proper use of consistent colours. Also, the colours that make up a space will create an ambience unique to your facility. The right colours will help create a distinct brand story and largely contribute to an atmosphere that will keep its members going back regularly.

That’s why when it comes to choosing colours, it is always wise to consider factors like:
✔️ Your existing logo
✔️ Your target audience
✔️ Your brand identity/ tone
✔️ The ideal brand perception you wish to achieve

We’ve put together some pointers for you that will come in handy when making your selection:

If you already have a brand logo, what colour is it?
When possible, your exact logo colours (not similar, but exact) should also be the primary colour of your gym. The next question to ask is- what colours will work well with your brand/ logo colours? Remember that an energetic and dynamic feel will probably do well in an MMA gym, which brings us to the next thing you want to ensure—contrast.

How would it show up on the socials?
Sufficient contrast between colours is essential if you want an MMA gym that feels dynamic and energetic. On top of that, you would want to make it easy to showcase the layout of your space based on usage of areas (lesson ground, rings, common rest areas, etc.), as well as having the photos appear more aesthetically pleasing on photos and social media posts (“Just me and the buds on Muay Thai Fridays!”) – which will go a long way in attracting potential new members.

More is not always better
Lastly, remember that when it comes to colours, do not use too many! Incorporating too many colours in your facility will create an unappealing sense of confusion and result in a space that looks less organized and more haphazard.

Lastly, always stick to these three basic rules:
✔️ Make use of two or three colours that are reflected in your logo
✔️ Ensure that these colours are complementary to each other
✔️ Ensure high contrast between these chosen colours.

If you need more help and guidance than what we’ve shared above, the next best thing to do is to approach us for a free consultation on how to style your gym in colours that you and your gym members will absolutely love (AND look good on IG too!).

Get in touch with us, and let us do the hard work for you.